The Amazing Agents that make up Flickinger Insurance Agency


John Flickinger bio

John believes he will be like his dad and work until he dies. John LOVES selling insurance. If it wasn't for his wife (she lives for vacations!) he might be a dull dog. John has worked at Flickinger Insurance since he graduated from college. We think that he remembers most of those years. John is one of the most patient, long-suffering people we know. He has to be to work with all these women!

Laurie Flickinger bio

Laurie has been with the agency since 1981. She is an agent and personal lines customer service representative. Laurie is wife to the head honcho, top dog, we're talking John, the boss, Flickinger. She is forced to work. She makes our office pretty, she makes you feel pretty and, darn it, we just like her. Laurie mostly lives for vacations. We vicariously vacation through all her pictures.

Amy Flickinger bio

Amy joined the agency un 2005, after a stellar performance at Ohio University. Oh yeah, she did well in school too. Of course, having the advantage of knowing more than her mother and father, she hit the ground running when she landed in the agency. Amy is a licensed property / casualty and life/health agent. She received the Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) designation after passing the five exams. In October of 2009, Amy & Chad welcomed their first baby, Lindy, into the world. September of 2013, their second, Luke joined the happy family.”

Trina Reineck bio

Trina Reineck joined the Agency Team on her birthday in October 2010, what a great birthday gift! She comes to us from Norwalk Drag Strip customer service, so she is used to the fast track and helping people! Trina is married with two beautiful children (she was the 1998 Norwalk homecoming queen). Trina passed her agent’s license test in July of 2014. Whether she likes it or not, she is officially one of the gang!

Terry Bell bio

Terry has been with Flickinger Insurance since July 8, 1997. She bought her agent's license in May of 1998 'cause she couldn't pass the test. She is what we fondly call "the Queen of Personal Lines". She is a delight to work with but don't make her mad, it's not pretty

Prucy Bowser bio

Prudy works in all areas of insurance. She is licensed to sell commercial, personal lines, life and health insurance. Pru is what we call a "Lifer" here at Flickinger Insurance. She was part of the original gang and is affectionately referred to as the godmother. She is a party girl, so look out when you call.

Lynette Nester bio

Lynette came banging on our door on a cold winter day in 2016, barefoot and pregnant. What could we do but hire her, look at that face. Not only is she a looker she is an arty smarty, that’s right, a college edjucated gal.
She is married with 2 beautiful boys. She has a dog named Nyah, which she refers to as a miniature horse.
She likes to run, bake and spend time outside with her family. She is already a licensed property/casualty agent, so that saved us some money! She is a welcome addition to the Flickinger Gang!


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